PROCare4life reaches midway point as work to improve quality of life for older people in Europe advances
The PROCare4life Consortium is currently preparing for their intermediate review! So far we have had very impressive results and key performance indicators are on track. We have had record numbers of people visit the project website - thanks to the excellent work of partners in their writing of news and blogs of project outcomes. Great work is being carried out across the five pilot sites of Campus Neurológico Sénior (CNS) in Lisbon, Association Parkinson Madrid (APM) in Madrid, Casa di Cura Privata del Policlinico (CCPP) in Milan, Wohlfahrtswerk für Baden-Württemberg (WBW) in Stuttgart, and the two pilot sites in Bucharest Spitalul Universitar de Urgenta Bucuresti (UHB) and University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF).

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Preliminary results are in from PROCare4Life PILOT 1!
Currently our project is completing the first of three pilot phases with about 200 users already actively involved in testing the partially integrated solution in the three different scenarios: home, rehabilitation and daycare centers. With the aim of collecting user needs and preferences in different components and align them with the technological developments, participants are having the possibility to test the PROCare4Life App and its functionalities together with the wearable bracelet to be assessed in a clinical environment enriched by sensors to detect disease symptoms and analyze their movements.

PROCare4Life first pilot has been broken into:

Feasibility phase: Once the technological devices were installed across our 6 pilot sites, Fitbits, selected sensors, and mini-PCs, in addition to feedback videos, were all methods of data collection used. The technical team iteratively evaluated the relative technological feasibility together with the clinical team. Difficulties in implementation were analysed and the following solutions emerged
Continue reading about the Pilot below.
PROCare4Life solution helps users to communicate with relatives, caregivers, social and health care professionals
SIMAVI team has recently finalised a report that demonstrates how users can work with the PROCare4Life platform in order to communicate with each other- patients, relatives, caregivers, social and health care professionals.

The solution has incorporated a set of services that will enhance the user experience of the app. As patients need to stay in touch with their health care professionals, PROCare4Life aims to offer support in this direction and implement a series of Social and Communication Services, which have the role of making sure that the system communicates all the analyzed and generated information to its end-users, in all the platforms covered by the project: mobile phones, PC’s and tablets.
PROCare4Life COVID Protocol called exemplary work by reviewers!
A protocol regarding the correct procedure for working within COVID restrictions was written from the project perspective and made available on the website. It has recently been designed and is a downloadable document for other projects to make use out of and in accordance with the reviewers suggestion that it was exemplary work. It is a ‘live’ document; meaning it will be added to throughout the life of the project to ensure it is keeping up with the newest information available on COVID. The infection prevention and control recommendations are based on the (then) current scenario in which COVID-19 infection develops and on the latest available information, taking into account that the main objective is to protect the population group most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. The aim of the protocol is to implement homogeneous measures that guarantee that all partners of the consortium establish preventive measures when carrying out actions (e.g. installation of technological devices, follow-up visits) in the homes of the participants, and in any clinical/ rehabilitative centres, within the framework of the PROCare4Life project. The protocol takes into account the application of the instructions and protocols established by the local health authorities and their updated information. Check it out below
PROCare4Life leaflet available in different languages!
"Fala português? Está interessado em promover o #QualityofLife for #OlderPeople in #Europe? Saiba tudo sobre o projecto #PROCare4life no folheto agora em português"

"Do you speak Portuguese? Are you interested in the promoting the #QualityofLife for #OlderPeople in #Europe? Read all about #PROCare4life project in the newly designed Portuguese leaflet"

This is just one of the social media posts to let our followers know that PROCare4Life leaflets are now available in different languages! These translations are being carried out to facilitate access of teh PROCare4life solution and project to people in their native language at events held locally or workshops. This all leads to further uptake of the porrect. Pilots and regions of the PROCare4Life project are being asked to print their leaflets locally and to only print out their leaflets when necessary to cut down on environmental waste and paper waste. All the leaflets are also available for Download on the project website.

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